Getting Started

Did you come here from my post in the SRRT Newsletter? If so, yay! If not, yay, too!

We’re looking for contributions and assistance. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a piece on your experience as a librarian working with social workers or, vice versa, your experience as a social worker working with librarians.
  • Refer your friends to write said pieces. Especially send more social workers our way!
  • Comment on blog posts. We want productive discussion!
  • Volunteer to help us define and manage the site.
  • Volunteer to give us a snazzier site design.

Those are just a few ideas, and if you have others, we welcome them. Thanks!


Welcome to this forum for exploring how librarians and social workers can share their knowledge and experiences to strengthen their work with the public. Please check out our About page and Sara Zettervall’s post on running a teen book club┬áthat sparked the idea for this conversation. We are always interested in hearing from others, so please comment on posts and contact us if you’d like to contribute to this blog.