Whole Person Librarianship serves each patron based on the context of their lives and the social systems surrounding them.

This website explores Whole Person Librarianship: the practical, historical, theoretical, and ethical intersections of librarianship and social work. We are building a movement for a new kind of librarianship.

For a practical overview of WPL, please see Whole Person Librarianship in Public Libraries Magazine (March/April 2015).

Sara Zettervall, Founder

3 Comments on “About”

  1. Angie Kelleher says:

    Hello! I am excited to find this blog, as I am a librarian and former Social Worker. I got my MSW, got burned out, then went on to get my MLS. I have researched homeless people in libraries, and am always looking for ways to bring the SW into my library work. I’m just glad that others are thinking this way too!

  2. jenjwoo says:

    Hello, there! I’m sorry to have missed your presentation at ALA. I’m a former social worker and aspiring librarian with a MSW and MLIS. Thank you for bridging the gap between common issues found in social work and library & information services. I am drawn to the aspects of social justice and equal access inherent in library work and look forward to hearing more from you.

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