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Welcome to the online resources for our book, Whole Person Librarianship: A Social Work Approach to Patron Services. Resources mentioned in the book are listed within their corresponding chapter. You may add resources to each chapter by creating page comments, or you can make recommendations for generally useful resources that don’t fit one specific chapter on this page. Comments will be moderated, and we’ll periodically update our links to make sure they’re relevant.

–Sara Zettervall and Mary Nienow, June 2019

Table of Contents

Introduction: Sister Professions

Chapter 1: Relationships Are the New Reference Collection

Chapter 2: Partners in the Library

Chapter 3: Social Work Students: “Living the Dream” in the Library

Chapter 4: Full-Time Library Social Workers

Chapter 5: Advocating for Change

Chapter 6: Sustainable Practice

Conclusion: Future Directions

1 thought on “Online Resources”

  1. There is a wonderful national resource that many librarians already use called This social program resource lists free and reduced cost programs all over the US. The site lists over 1,300 vetted programs in every zip code (and growing) and is free for anyone to use and is very user friendly!

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