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Social Work Students & Public Libraries

Sarah Johnson is an assistant professor and academic librarian at Hunter College in New York City and has been connecting social work students in libraries and studying their needs and experiences. Her site is a resource for students to connect with each other, and she’s a great resource for questions about the process of placing students.

American Library Association/Public Library Association

Social Work Interest Group (American Library Association)

Members of the American Library Association can join this group. It’s hosted by the Public Library Association but is open to and welcomes ALA members from any division or background to join. This group is a point of connection to the task force (below) as well as a forum for conversation among ALA members.

Public Library Association Social Work Task Force

This task force is connected to the interest group but is a closed committee made up of library social workers.

Public Libraries Magazine Social Work Column

This is a new, regular column in Public Libraries magazine that covers practical topics for public libraries, written by members of the Social Work Task Force.