Join E-Mail List

The Whole Person Librarianship e-mail list is open to anyone in librarianship or social work who has an interest in library-social work collaboration. It is currently the primary (inter)national virtual forum to bring people together across professional silos and levels of experience.

Members agree to keep all conversation and information shared via the list limited to list members. This means that any stories, documents, or other personal or workplace details shouldn’t be forwarded, quoted, or used publicly without the express permission of the people involved. Members who violate this agreement will be immediately removed from the list. If you agree, you can join the list via this link. Fair warning: If you’re prompted to say why you’re joining the list, and your email address isn’t an obvious library email address, I will likely reject your request. You can always try again, but answer so I know you’re for real. Thanks!

The list is managed via Google Groups, which can be a nuisance sometimes for non-Google accounts. If you have a problem signing up, email Sara.