Social Work MOOC Update

One thing I realized when I wrote up my reflections on the first module of this edX/University of Michigan Social Work MOOC is that one blog post per module might not be the way to go. In theory, I like the idea of some of us taking the MOOC together and then commenting on it. In practice, I didn’t find that to be the most effective way to share what I really hope to get out of this, which is application to library practice. I need to approach this in a less linear way. So, I’m going to keep taking the class and let some of the ideas and approaches percolate through my mind as I work. When I come across something valuable, I’ll post about it here and link back to any relevant part of the MOOC.

I am particularly interested in continuing to publish ideas here on applying social work theory and practice to librarianship and would welcome contributions from anyone who wants to be part of that conversation, MOOC or no MOOC.

Finally, I learned that the MOOC I started is now the first in what edX calls a “MicroMasters.” I refuse to pay $200 for each course, so I’ll be auditing it, but I’m stoked at the array of topics the courses will explore. Check it out. I think that for someone with the time to devote to it, this can be a great opportunity for librarians to learn the basics of social work.

2 thoughts on “Social Work MOOC Update”

  1. edX also has a great archived course on Library Advocacy from the University of Toronto. It’s fantastic – the course name is Library Advocacy Unshushed LA101 and is fairly recent, 2015.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check that out. I also thought the Berkeley course on solving public policy problems seemed worth a look.

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