Whole Person Librarianship Webinar on WebJunction

Whole Person Librarianship: Fostering Empathy in Challenging Times

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
2:00-3:00pm Central Time
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Libraries are among the few public spaces that feel safe and welcoming to everyone in our current political landscape. As librarians striving to provide equitable service, we are challenged to meet the needs of patrons whose life experiences are markedly different from our own. To address these challenges, we have much to learn much from social workers, who are trained to approach their clients with empathy while maintaining professional boundaries. Whole Person Librarianship draws from social work concepts to help librarians become more confident in learning from, interacting with, and serving diverse patrons. Learn basic ideas to build your empathy skills, such as cultural humility and person-in-environment, to apply right away to your library practice, as well as where to find more in-depth information and support.

Presented by: Sara Zettervall, Founder, Whole Person Librarianship, and Adult Services Librarian, Hennepin County Library (MN); and Mary Nienow, PhD Candidate in Social Work, and beginning in August 2017, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (WI)

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