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A change to the site and a call for participation

This site started with the intention of promoting a discussion of how librarianship and social work come together. We’ve had some amazing content to share over the seven or so months of weekly posts – but we’re also finding it challenging to bring in new voices beyond our core participants. Meanwhile, our work on Whole Person Librarianship continues outside of what you see on this blog. In recognition of the function this blog is already playing, we are officially refocusing this blog to be a public documentation of our work as it happens. What that means is we will still welcome discussions and contributions, but we will no longer be following a weekly posting schedule and will instead include content as it arises from our research and teaching projects.

To that end, as Mary Nienow and I plan to co-teach the WPL class this January, we’re interested in giving students a project that would partner them with working librarians to find social work resources in their communities. If you’re interested in learning more and/or signing on, please contact me or reply to this post. I’ll be back soon with more info on the class.

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