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Whole Person Librarianship: Partnerships to Prepare Libraries [FREE webinar]

Niche Academy Webinar – Whole Person Librarianship In normal times, a library’s relationship-based reference collection empowers librarians to direct patrons with the greatest needs to the resources that best help them—which sometimes includes an in-house social worker. In our current state of crisis, the relationship-based reference collection can be the foundation for ensuring library patrons… Continue reading Whole Person Librarianship: Partnerships to Prepare Libraries [FREE webinar]

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Link to webinar recording

Better late than never! Here’s a recording of the Webjunction webinar Sarah Johnson did this spring, with great info for all of you who are thinking about hiring a SW student intern.

Social Work Students & Public Libraries

Thank you to the hundreds of folks who logged in yesterday for the Social Work Students and Public Library Partnerships webinar.

Here is the linkto the recorded webinar (YouTube), pdf slides, handouts, and list of Resources.

Please contact me with any updates on new collaborations, especially any updates on how your branch’s social work interns are navigating remote resource assistance for patrons.

Thanks again!

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Welcome to this forum for exploring how librarians and social workers can share their knowledge and experiences to strengthen their work with the public. Please check out our About page and Sara Zettervall's post on running a teen book club that sparked the idea for this conversation. We are always interested in hearing from others, so… Continue reading Welcome!