Five Core Beliefs to Sustain Librarianship

These core beliefs are strongly influenced by Whole Person Librarianship. They were developed in response to the deprofessionalization of library tasks. They present an alternative to the neoliberalist ("retail") model of librarianship. Librarians are professionals with a unique skill set. Librarianship is grounded in and motivated by equity and social justice. Librarianship as a profession … Continue reading Five Core Beliefs to Sustain Librarianship

What is “Whole Person Librarianship”?

If you're visiting this page because you searched for "whole person librarianship" after seeing it on my ALA Emerging Leaders card, welcome! This post is for you. Whole Person Librarianship is a nascent set of principles and practices to embed social justice in every aspect of library work. It began as with this blog as … Continue reading What is “Whole Person Librarianship”?

Whole Person Librarianship: The Start of a Manifesto

I had the good fortune to spend much of the last week in the company of other smart, enthusiastic librarians on the upswing in their careers at MILE, Minnesota’s local version of ALA’s Emerging Leaders program. Among many other positive aspects of the experience was that it brought together librarians from all types of librarianship … Continue reading Whole Person Librarianship: The Start of a Manifesto

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